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and I’ve been wondering where Katie has gone… she is probably lying on her floor sobbing over the fact that noel tweeted her. again.

katie, what’s next? sharing your best holiday recipes?

Come on Ava, I only sobbed for five minutes, tops, and I at least made it to the couch! ;)

The half hour or so away from Tumblr was necessary… I was getting a Cael fix!

Haha!! Awesome. I was the other one he tweeted. So fun :)

Fic: And Wash The Chaos From My Skin [Ian/Mickey]



Title: And Wash The Chaos From My Skin
Rating: R/NC-17 fuck if I know
Summary: “You say my sister’s fuckin’ name one more time while you’re jerking me off and I’ll rip this fucking thing off, Gallagher,” Or, a fic with shower sex in it.
Notes: This is my first time writing Ian x Mickey and I sort of hate it but fuck you all get to read it.

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this is kind of the best day of my life

That was sexy and hot and lovely and amazing.

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i just saw the face of god
his name is brian kinney

Welcome to the world of Britin.

Those guys were my original OTP. I still love them but you’re just discovering them… I envy you.

It’s understandable if you end up dragged into the QaF fandom. It’s amazing, the lines are good, the music, all the feels, there are fanfics, there is ACTUAL SEX on the show.

Just… don’t forget us when January comes around.

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